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Quit Smoking

Do you want to quit cigarettes once and for all? Are you tired of failing in your quest to quit, and seeing your health and finances suffer?

Quitting smoking can be a real challenge. But it’s one of the best things you can do for your health and for your pocket.

You could be a permanent non-smoker in only one hypnotherapy session or in three sessions, every ones different. Your long term success is then up to you and your commitment to remain a non-smoker.

I am pretty committed to help you get a positive result. You will find my program to be the best way to give up smoking. In fact, you can find quitting smoking to be the most empowering experience.

  • I will address your personal fears and issues, but
  • You have to be committed to becoming a non- smoker

By clearing any emotional blocks, hurt or guilt and addressing the root cause of your issues and by creating positive suggestions in the subconscious mind, you can align the conscious decision to stop smoking.

If you decide to attend a session because someone else wants you to stop smoking, it won’t work and the session won’t be successful. You have to be committed to the decision that you make to Not to smoke because you want to stop smoking. You want to have a healthy life and better life style.

Hypnosis is a safe and relaxing experience

I am committed to help you stop smoking

Call me today and stop wasting your money



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Najah Kerbaj

Najah Kerbaj
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Past Life Regression Therapist
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