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Clinical Hypnotherapist & Past Regression Therapist
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About Me

Who am I?

My name is Najah Kerbaj, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist based in Parramatta NSW servicing area west.

I am passionate about creating happiness and success and changing people’s lives. Life is a gift and each day we are given the opportunity to live it.  We must live it to our full potential

I believe we all have more powerful personal resources and abilities than we are consciously aware of. We believe we run our lives via our conscious mind but 95% of our decision making are governed by our Sub-Conscious mind. The Subconscious mind is made up of many underlying personality parts, where as a clinical hypnotherapist, I studied Personality Integration Therapy Process and I can work with you to resolve any trauma, sadness, fearful or disappointment issues that caused you to experience habits or mental disorder and I use a hypnotherapy guided techniques to change any problem related to smoking, gambling, alcohol or any other trauma while you are in trance.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I facilitate hypnosis sessions, Personality Integration Therapy Process sessions and Past Life Regression Therapy sessions.

The number of sessions that you need depend on your state of mind, how well you respond to hypnotherapy and the issue you are experiencing. It could take 3 to 5 sessions and some people might need more, Everyone’s different.

Feel free to give me a call and take advantage of the free 30 minutes consultation


  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Personality Integration Therapy Process Certificate
  • Soul Life Regression Certificate
  • Past life Regression training- Dr Brian Weiss, The Weiss Institute by HAY HOUSE
  • Full member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).
  • Energy Healer using Pranic healing and Reiki session
  • Numerology reading and Palmistry separate sessions available
  • Bachelor of Arts degree (Interpreting & Translation)

I have worked over 15 years in the Public Service Sector. Winning many awards, including two National Australia Day Council awards for servicing Cultural and Linguistics Diverse (CALD) Communities and Refugees.

Over 15 years experience in Community radio, targeting the Arabic Community.


Certified Therapist

The International Institute for Complimentary Therapists 100% Ceritfied Member

Najah Kerbaj

Najah Kerbaj
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Past Life Regression Therapist
0415 068 809