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Life is a gift and each day we are given the opportunity to live it.  We must live it to our full potential.

At times we may feel stuck in our lives, held back or powerless to make changes. It takes great deal of courage to address the difficulties we are facing but when we do, we take our power back and open up the door for freedom.

When we reconnect with our hearts and actively listen to our soul, we can access all the wisdom that lies within.

I have been using Hypnotherapy on my clients to release what is keeping them back and to reconnect them with their heart to feel their purpose in life and to experience inner peace. This is all done in a very nurturing and safe environment.  

Depression often has a cause, and when the cause is found and released and transformed, the depression lifts.

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people will experience depression at some stage during their lives with over one million Australian adults suffering from it in any given year.

Depression can be terribly debilitating and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Hypnosis uses the ability of the brain to create new neural pathways and connect to the new experiences imagined vividly in hypnosis.

I ask the person to go back to a time when they felt the same emotions while in trance. In that way, hypnotherapy helps find the root cause of depression. It is different than re-experiencing a trauma because you are aware of everything that is happening, but you are experiencing it as an observer.

Hypnotherapy for depression can be extremely effective.

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Najah Kerbaj

Najah Kerbaj
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Past Life Regression Therapist
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